Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What will I do now?

This is not going to be a profound post. I just want to announce that I have run out of drawers to organize and I think the carpet fibers are begging for relief from the vacuum cleaner! Whatever will I do now? I donned my secretarial hat last week and took care of paperwork and all things financial until the middle/end of September. I even went through Mr S's Father-to-Be baby book and marked all the pages I considered pertinent enough for him to read before the big day. I made a list for my parents and sister basically telling them how to run the house without my assistance. I really hope that I do not drive Mr S crazy in the next month.

My sister-in-laws know how to throw a great party whether it is a church or family gathering. When I married into the family, I joined them in some of their pursuits. The three of us have different ways of reacting to the stress of an upcoming event. I usually go into a panic a couple days before the event occurs, but am calm and in control on the day of the occasion. Stay tuned to find out if I deal with delivery in the same way.

I'm pretty nervous right now. Every time I have a day of feeling "just awful," I wonder if the baby is going to come soon. I'm starting to feel nausea and my appetite has dwindled considerably. We'll see what the ob says at my appointment next week! Pray for me! God is faithful and will do His sovereign will.


mama said...

Okay, girlie!
One month to go--a little more or a little less. She'll come when she's good and ready. Or rather, when the Lord is good and ready. We all understand your nervousness, Mr. S included. Try not to worry!

Sara said...

Ditto what "mama" said. :)