Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I just realized that I haven't posted in a very long time! We are just enjoying our summer a little too much.

My little girls are growing into young ladies right before my eyes. They are so busy every day with playing dress up, building towers, making tunnels in their blankets, taking care of their dolls and animals, and reading their books. They are truly best friends.

I'm a busy mommy right now. I've been working hard on my two businesses, and trying to manage my schedule so that I'm spending ample time on housework, mommy duties, just playing with my girlies, and being a faithful wife. I am still working on it, but by the fall I hope to actually have a consistent schedule that works for all of us. I'll be doing Pre-K with Lena, and probably try to incorporate Shana as much as I can. Sometimes I just stop everything, crawl into a blanket tunnel with the girls, and snuggle with them. They are growing so quickly that I don't want to miss one moment.

I am so proud of E right now. He just passed his last test to become a licensed land surveyor. He has worked so very hard, and burned the midnight oil studying. God has been so gracious to all of us!

So, we may be a little scarce this summer while mama gets her schedule together, but I just wanted to stop in to say hello. I'll stop in again to visit all of you friends too.

Love from our house!


Cathy said...

Your little girls are just so precious. It is wonderful they are best friends. You really are a busy Mom. Congratulations to E. He is so smart to do that. Love and Hugs ~

MariLee said...


You have such a beautiful family....and a beautiful sprit about you, too! It's clear that the love of God shines through you and I'm honored to be working with you in Mommy Bag Marketing!

Love In Christ,


Stacy said...

It's so nice to see a post up! :)
Adelia was sitting next to me when your blog popped up and has been pointing to your girls and saying, "My age!" :)

Cute to see those darling faces. I love hearing about your days...

Anonymous said...

I loved to see your post and the beautiful pictures - your daughters are darling, wish I could get known to your and your family "live".

It is amazing how Shana has changed in the past months. Where is the cute little chubby baby girl gone too - sigh, they grow so fast!

Sending a weekend hug!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Just popping by to say happy birthday to you...your mom posted on her blog that it was your birthday, and since I haven't been on FB much lately, I didn't see the notification there.

I hope you have a REALLY lovely day. May it be a day as beautiful as you are.


Bethany said...

Oh, and beautiful ladies at that!! They are just too cute!!!