Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Little Blips

Our dryer broke down last week, and I'm ashamed to say that it threw me for quite the loop. I was in the middle of painting our guest room, had spent waaaaay too much time at Home Depot, and my poor girls were fending for themselves while I painted.

On a tired evening, I was downstairs trying to redeem myself by keeping up with the laundry at night. I had neglected my normal Monday 3 load day. The dryer shook violently before it died.

We tried everything to revive it, but it was really dead. I tried to be brave, shrug it off, and clean up my kitchen for the night. (By the way, the dishwasher was planning to malfunction in the morning).

So in the midst of half painted walls and piles of wet laundry, I let the frustration take over. I spoke sharply to the other three unsuspecting members of my family. I walked around in a "mood" showing my displeasure.

Now, a week later, I have a dryer again. The dishwasher is fixed, the guest room is painted, and I realize how very insignificant those little blips in my life were. I'm so glad we have a merciful God who forgives.

And Lena won't let me forget my little lesson:

"Remember you were in such a bad mood Mommy? And remember how you had to say sorry because you didn't have a happy heart?"

Yes, I remember.


Sarah said...

oh honey, we've all been there. I bank on His mercies being new every morning and I'm so glad He wants me to rejoice in my weaknesses, because oh how I need and long for His strength. I think it's good for our kids to see us go through those rough, need forgiveness times. It teaches them how to be humble and broken and what it really looks like to need Jesus. Love to you sister!


What would we do without our children to remind us of "THOSE" DAYS. LOL It does happen, it happened to me about a month ago. My washer went out first then a couple of days later the dryer went. I guess the Lord knew that I would have probably crawled into a hole if it had both happened at once.haha. We live and we learn......sometimes. My last washer and dryer lasted 20 years so maybe my the next time one is needed, I will be in heaven where clothes don't wear out. love you, Have a good day. connie

Tera said...

Thanks for reminding us of these insignificant things. The look in my oldest's eyes is a quick reminder to me when I raise my voice...which is way to often. She gives me that look like, "Who are you and when are you bringing my mommy back?!" :)

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Lena is too funny! Into every life some rain must fall.
Don't beat yourself up about it too much.

Maxine said...

Oh I can hear Lena now. I'm sure she will not let you forget! So glad all is better.

Anonymous said...

You know - I love that she says "And remember how you had to say sorry". She knows that you said sorry and she will learn to say sorry from all her heart when she fails, I think this is one of the most precious lessons you can pass.
My parents hardly ever said sorry for anything and it moves my heart to see that you do not consider your kids too small or whatever to say and mean "sorry" towards them.

Oh - and I am SORRY that I am such a bad commenter lately, but I am reading all of your posts