Wednesday, March 03, 2010



Today my sweet girls played dress up almost all day long. E and I gifted them with a big hatbox full of clothes, hats, and shoes as one of their Christmas gifts. Today, Lena dragged the box out and emptied it on the floor. I had to giggle as I watched her transform her sister into a thing of beauty. As I watched them at play, I thought back to myself as a little girl.

I used to wonder what my life would be like when I was "all grown up." I wondered if God would send me a husband, and if I would have children.

Remembering this makes me all the more thankful for what I have. What a blessing to be able to watch my little girls play dress up. I couldn't help but reach out and give Lena a squeeze as she teetered by in some fluffy slippers.

This stage of parenting is so fulfilling and yet somewhat frightening. The girls are little sponges, and they want to be like mama. When I am doing my hair, they stand behind me in wide eyed amazement. They pay attention to what mama reads, looks at, says, and does.

What a responsibility for E and I. May we glorify God!


Cathy said...

I just love that precious picture and post, Bev. You are an excellent example to your sweet little ones of what a mother should be. Blessings ~

Tera said...

Awww! Very sweet. I can't believe how big Shana is getting!

Patti said...

Lovely post, Bev!! I love the mental picture I have of the girls playing dress-up.

And, yes, what a HUGE responsibility parenting is. Our little ones are watching every moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, I am so sure you are both doing a good job with your girls - and you are letting yourself guide by God in this and this is the best thing ever you can do for them.

I love the idea of them play dress up, I used to do this with scarfs of my Mom that I used as princess capes :-)

Alexis said...

This post made me smile. I have two daughters and they are such a blessing! Little girls are somthing else, something wonderful!