Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shana!


Shana of the sparkling eyes and irresistable smile. Today is your first birthday, babybug. There are so many things that I love about you. Would you like to know a few?

You are a busy little bumblebee, always doing something. When we go downstairs in the morning, you go right to the baby cups and plates and throw them to the floor, screaming with delight as they clatter. You started walking at nine months old, and I love watching you toddle around the house behind your big sister. You love us so freely, and we all adore you.

You growl with delight when something pleases you. You try to make us laugh with your little joke of blowing into the lid of a cup. You do it over and over while we pretend to convulse with laughter.

You love life so much. You are happy from the moment you wake up until you lay your little curly head down at night. When you laugh, you'll throw yourself backwards no matter where you are. Sometimes you bump your head, but you rarely cry about it. You are always discovering new things to love. You astonished me when we went to storytime with Selena, and you enjoyed it so much, even at your young age.

My favorite time of the day with you is when we sit on the floor together, just the two of us. I hold out my arms, and you run to me. We rock and you pat my back.

You and Selena are truly the best of friends. You hold hands in the car, hug and kiss all day long, wrestle until one of you cries, and play together in quiet reading time. You stay in your crib, and your sister "reads" to you, or you sing together and pretend to cook. You are never perfectly happy unless your sister is nearby.

You are definitely a Daddy's girl, which is adorable. As I type, you and Daddy are rocking in the big chair. You are lying down on him, eyes wide open, perfectly still, except for the slow movement of your pacifier. You are making contented sounds deep in your throat. Daddy is your rock, and you wait for him to come home all day.

Shana, I simply can't believe that you are turning one. You are such a joy to all of us. When I look at you I remember the first time I saw you, just a year ago. You are our precious babybug.

I. Love. You.

Happy One.



Bluestocking said...

Happy Birthday Shana!

Patti said...

I was reading on Nanna's blog that Shana is having a birthday, so I wanted to stop by your blog as well.

You write such beautiful things to your daughters, Bev. They are SO blessed to have a mommy that loves them so much.

I hope all of you have a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful little girl's first birthday.


Sara said...

This is such a sweet happy birthday to Shana...I hope you have a wonderful party today! Sorry I couldn't be there. =(
Happy Birthday Shana!
Auntie Sara

Baptist Girl said...

Happy Birthday Shana!
What a joy you must be!

Cathy said...

Aw, Bev, that is so sweet. It is wonderful she is such a happy child, and she and her sister get along so well. Happy Birthday to sweet little Shana.

Maxine said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday with all of us, Shae-Shae. You are so precious and so loved. Thanks for loving us back. Nanna

Neesie said...

This was so beautiful! Happy Birthday Shae.

Tera said...

I can't believe she is already one! It sounds like she is just the sweetest little thing! Happy Belated Birthday, Shana!


Dear Shae, I remember when you Mom was waiting for you to get her, Oh what joy filled her soul. Hope you have had a wonderful birthday filled with such happiness with your precious family. May God give you good all the days of your life as you come to know Him, Love Him and sever Him all the days of your life.

You have a great family, I love them very much also. connie