Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Selena!


You are turning three today, and we can hardly believe it!

This year, you have grown like a weed. It has been hard to keep you in dresses and pants because you have gotten so tall. Even though you are growing and changing week by week, you still have your beautiful smile and lovely eyes.

Every day, Daddy and I feel so blessed to have you. We love your songs, dances, and leaping hugs. We love you.

This year you have started to retain what you learn in Sunday School. We enjoy hearing about your lessons, detailed to the point that you tell us when Mrs. Reuther turns the page! We are delighted as you tell us how Paul was in a basket, and about King "Cadnezzar."

You are still a little bookworm, rapidly devouring our library books, and the books mama gets to review. You love to color, and will spend an hour sitting and carefully trying to stay in the lines.

You've come out of your shell. We have watched you blossom from a very shy girl, to someone who loves having guests! You talk to random people in the store, and make friends wherever you go. You even charmed the people at Dunkin Donuts into giving us more free donuts than we could eat! You played soccer, went to VBS, had a couple sleepovers at PopPop, Nanna's and Auntie Nee's, and even ask to ride with them to and from church. You love to go out with Daddy, happily skipping out the door holding his hand.

We've watched you become a sister to your precious Shae Shae. Loving her came naturally to you, and you opened your heart, and room to your sister. You're learning to share your toys too. You are always making sure that we are taking good care of her. We really couldn't ask for more. Yesterday was the first time that you and Shana were able to walk together holding hands. How exciting for you!

You've started to display a helpful spirit that mama is so happy to see. You will offer to help with anything at anytime, and you will stay until the job is finished. You also have been "making breakfast" out of play food for mama and Shana each morning during your quiet time in your room. It is so interesting to see how you choose to spend your hour alone each day, and you make some excellent choices.

You sing your Bible songs loudly in the store when we go out, and you love to learn hymns. You've started to pray for our meals too, and to memorize Scripture. We pray that this will continue, and that you will love Jesus with all of your heart.

Mama loves reading to you, teaching you, and snuggling under blankets with you. I love singing in the car with you. Your imagination is astounding, and we've started making up bedtime stories together. Sometimes, Shana wakes up just to listen to us. You are a great companion, making it fun to shop and to have girl nights when Daddy is late coming home. We already talk nonstop to each other all day long.

Lena, I love you so very much, and forever. God has abundantly blessed all of us. You've made my heart sing. You've made me love being a mama.

Happy Three.



Maxine said...

Now that you've given me a good teary session, I'll go on with my day. You know how much I love this little girl. Nanna

Bluestocking said...

Happy Birthday Selena!!

Susan said...

Oh this sweet post about this little sweetheart brought tears to my eyes, too. Would that every little girl in the world had the mamma and family that yours is blessed with.

Neesie said...

She changed all of our lives, and I am thank God for her. :-) This was so sweet.

Patti said...

What a beautiful post!!!!

What a blessing to have been given the gift of such a precious child.

Happy birthday, Lena.


PS What a blessing that you live close enough to your parents that Lena can ride to and from church with them and that you share the same faith with them. Even when we lived near family (which we no longer do), we didn't have the blessing of being on the same page with our faith.

LisaShaw said...

I'm a blog friend of your Mom's and am so glad that I visited today to say Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl.

May the LORD bless both of your children with His presence and may they walk with HIM now and always.

Lovingly in Christ,

Tera said...

So sweet!

Happy Birthday, Selena! Oh, how I wish we lived closer together! Brynna sure loves her Bible school songs and loves to say, "Mommy, listen to my new verse!" :) You two would be great in a kitchen together too...always ready to help out.

Beverly- What a precious little girl you have! Many more blessings for the years to come!

Baptist Girl said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SELENA! Your a dear little lady!