Monday, July 20, 2009


We've painted and hammered and nailed and arranged. The two sisters are sharing a room. Last week we heard them giggling together, playing, when they should have been asleep. Lena was reading out loud to a bouncing and giggling Shana. Their delighted screams brought a smile to my face even though I tried to be stern as I said, "WHAT is going on in here?"
Secretly I was delighted. Because I want them to love each other forever and always.
Shana is so adoring of her sister that she will.not.leave.her.alone. Poor Selena has to do her puzzles on high surfaces and read her books on the couch so that her precious things won't be ruined. She knows that her hair will get pulled constantly, and that her sister will drool on her face giving kisses.
Shana has to put up with Lena following her around with a blanket trying to "cuddle." Shana does not have time for this pasttime, and her older sis will not take a hint! She has been awakened multiple times by a too loud noise, or a sudden opening of the door.
Mama is loving this.


Holly said...

Awww...they sound so sweet together. That was a beautiful post! Holly

Tera said...

Love it! I love to watch sisters at play. I always tell my girls they are so blessed to live with their best friend. :) When we started the plans for our new house, Braylee asked if she and Brynna could share a room! I can't wait to hear the little whispers they'll share at bedtime.

Mimi said...

I have such sweet memories of my own sweet girls at that age!!!
cherish the memories...

Bluestocking said...

LOL!!! My sister and I used to pass notes to each other at night. We rigged up a pulley system.

Jaime said...

What would sisters do without each other? I'd be lost without mine :) I love the look of your girls room-seems very calming and relaxing :)

Baptist Girl said...

you are sure a special mom.


Patti said...

Computer time has been minimal for me these past few months. I haven't been reading blogs lately, and I owe your mom an email, although since there's not anything new to report on the adoption front, I've been putting it off.

Anyhow, I just wanted to stop by and see what is up with you and yours. This is a lovely post. I always wished that I had had a sister. What a precious gift Shana and Lena have been given in each other. I know you are enjoying every minute of watching them grow.

My sweet girl (Ella) has been in PIttsburgh for 2 weeks, visiting a friend. She returns home tonight. I can't wait to see her.


Anonymous said...

Bev, this was such a lovely post. Thanks for showing up at my blog. I hardly blog those days since live is so busy, that I hardly remember that I have a blog alive :-) ... But I read all of your posts.

Your girls are so precious! I had no siblings so I was missing that part totally and sometimes I wish I had it. But now I have two grown up stepsisters and they are a true blessing, too.

Sending a hug - have a blessed week, Helen