Friday, May 29, 2009

Amusing Moments

What amusing moments have you had with your kids? We went to ShopRite a couple of days ago, and I decided (bright idea, Bev!) to let Lena ride in one of those huge car attachment thingies. Lena loves to go grocery shopping with me, and I love taking her, and Shana just has to come because she has no choice!

Miss Shana is now almost 8 months old, and she took her first assisted steps this week. By assisted, I mean that she was clinging for dear life onto a rolling push toy. She seemed a little frightened, but that could have been because her mommy was screaming, "you're WALKING Shana, you're WALKING!" Referring to myself in the third person makes this slightly less embarassing.

Anyway, I digress. Grocery store, right.

Lena was excited to ride in the car. She never gets to because, they are generally disgusting and grody looking, and also because I am a woman of habit. If I "always" do something, I continue to do it ad nauseum. Also, I have chronic hip pain, and I am very careful not to trigger it.

I decided to think outside the box for a change, and saw a relatively clean car for Lena to ride in. She was SO excited. I might add that I couldn't even get the cart out of the parking lot without running to the front side and tugging it from the front!

Anyone within 6 feet of us, gave us wide berth for passing. A couple of amused men said "whoa!"
Grandmotherly women said, "It is hard with young ones, hang in there!"

I must say, I wasn't feeling sorry for myself. I was laughing my way through the store. Lena was turning her steering wheel and saying "Beep, beep - excuse me!" Shana was chuckling everytime I crashed into something.

"Careful, Mommy!" shouted Lena as she braced herself for each crash. "Don't forget green grapes," she added.

I don't think I'll try this again. Lena missed out on her favorite part of shopping: helping me put food on the belt. I missed out on her help entertaining Shana. I might add that I couldn't even get out of the checkout lane. The store manager had to pull while I pushed. It was very amusing.

Any similar experiences to share? Or have you seen a mom like me?


Bluestocking said...

So is there any way you can pull the security footage from the store.

Tera said...

Oh, those things are horribly heavy and difficult to steer, aren't they?! I dislike them too, even though the girls beg to use them. I think we've only used it three times ever. :) I enjoy the challenges of motherhood though pushing a big lug through the grocery store so your 2-year-old can pretend to

Neesie said...

I was laughing through this very hard!!! :-) I'm seeing it play out in my mind...Hahaha..I'm still smiling. :-)

Maxine said...

Hey, how come I didn't hear about this?!

Bethany said...

So funny! Thanks for posting your "experience".

Elise said...

Oh, how you made me laugh! I love Lena reminding you not to forget the grapes. :D

I have seen mamas like you, and I am a mama like you. So glad we're in this together!

I send love.


I enjoyed living your experiences with your sweet daughters through your eyes. It was so much fun. The girls are growing up just fine. I love seeing pictures of them. connie