Monday, May 12, 2008


What is going on at our house today...

What we are doing:

Lena: taking wooden letter blocks out of a basket and lining them up on the couch
talking and singing
spinning and singing
"helping" Mommy by taking clean clothes out of her drawers and putting them in a basket
"helping" Mommy by organizing the books on the bookshelf
quiet reading time
a comfy, cozy nap in "pitty pitty crib"
taking things out of her toybox and putting them back in
storytime (library books) with mama
stacking pegs and singing
playing with foam letters

Mommy: blogging and ironing (not simultaneously - I'm good but not that good!)
making dinner
changing towels and bed linens
putting clothes away
praying for Daddy to have a good day and to come home safely in the rain
folding clothes
starting a recipe notebook (Mothers' Day Gift)
taking a nice comfy nap with an ice pack on that pesky SI joint
missing Daddy
taking the clean clothes out of the luandry basket and putting them back in Lena's drawers
guiding Lena to help with placing all the books back on the bookshelf
giving Lena a bath
paying bills
cutting coupons and planning a grocery shopping excursion for tomorrow
mopping floor
stealing some moments to read

Daddy: in his office doing what land surveyor's do ( a lot, I assure you)
feeling tired and most likely, hungry
looking forward to seeing his favorite women (just a guess here!)

What we are reading:
Psalm 150 (Lena chiming in on "Praise the Lord!)
Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free - Nancy Leigh DeMoss
God's Handmaiden - Gilbert Morris
Walking With the Women of the Bible - Elizabeth George (another Mom's day gift)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Michael Rosen
What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby - Heidi Murkoff
Spot's Colors, Shapes and Numbers - Eric Hill
Noah's Ark - Jerry Pinkney
Who's Knees are These? - Jabari Asim

What we are watching:
Lena - The Letter Factory (unbelievably, no Mary Poppins today)
Mommy - Love's Unfolding Dream (I'm almost through all my ironing!)

The current fragrance in our home:
Vanilla Hazelnut

What's on the stove:
Mr. S still isn't able to eat anything too chewy, so tonight we are having Easy Shepherd's Pie.

What we are listening to:

Hide Em' In Your Heart - Steve Green
(but I think I'm entitled to at least a half hour of Il Divo at some point in the day!)
Classical Guitar for Lena's nite nite music
what's going on at your house???



Thank for giving us a peek into a day in your life. It made me smile and feel warm.

I have got to run some errands for my husband today but I look forward to his returning home at lunch time to a lunch that I have with much love prepared for him and I to share and to thank God for giving us one more day togeather. Have a great day,Beverly. It was nice visiting with you and Lena. connie from Texas

Neesie said...

I love him-as if you didn't know that already. :-)

Today I am tackling school and a test-also as if you didn't know that already!

Love ya!

Maxine said...

Oh. I missed this yesterday. Your day sounded nice though you failed to mention a nice hunk of your day on the phone with your mama.

Today as I type we're winding down, but SOME of the things we did:

did Neesie's assignment sheet for two days.
graded quizzes and a test
made cottage cheese pancakes(breakfast)
made chili for dinner
made corn muffins
cleaned bathrooms
did some laundry
swept front porch
took a walk
made a blog post that seemed to take forever because I would type a little and then go do something else and forget about it.
talked on the phone to two old friends who called
reading: Holiness by J.C. Ryle and the One Year Christian History book
Writing: Did none again. Got to get to it!

Cut the grass
Spent a large amount of time still tinkering with an old lawn motor. Glad because it's keeping him occupied.

Neesie: sent hers separately

All together: Just had family devotions. Thank the Lord.

Just had family devotions

Cathy said...

Goodness, I believe you got a big burst of energy. Your little Lena is such a happy, sweet, busy little girl. I've been missing my computer for a few days. My son-in-law brought over another monitor tonight. At least I can get on here now. :)