Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How God Brought Us Together - Part Three

Ecclesiastes 4:12 A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

"A threefold cord is not easily broken, any more than a bundle of arrows, though each single thread and each single arrow is. Two together he compares to a threefold cord; for where two are closely joined in holy love and fellowship, Christ will by His spirit come to them, and make the third, as He joined Himself to the two disciples going to Emmaus, and then there is a threefold cord that can never be broken. They that dwell in love, dwell in God and God in them."
-Matthew Henry-(the above is an excerpt from our wedding program)

It was Saturday the 25th of September 2004. At one o' clock in the afternoon, an expectant groom walked to the front of the sanctuary to await his bride.

He watched and waited as two violins and a piano played Canon in D as the mothers were seated, and Largo from Xerxes as the beautiful bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

The four flower girls were led by the ringbearer and then ...
... the doors were closed.

All rose as the bride and her father approached.

All in the wedding party sat as a charge was given to the couple. The congregation joined in singing O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus and Take My Life and Let it Be.

Vows were spoken, rings were exchanged, prayer was given for the couple, and their union was pronounced.

They couldn't seem to wipe the happy grins from their faces.

Were they really married? So much joy wasn't possible, was it?

They walked arm in arm into the reception, held in the very same room where they met.

When it was time to go, the bride shed a few tears as she said goodbye to her family, but quickly shook them away to leave with her new husband.

Near disaster was averted as the impatient groom almost caused a fender bender.

The newlyweds rode off into the sunset. They didn't realize that they could love each other any more then they did at that moment...

... but they do.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely couple you are.


Maxine said...

I can't believe you found the music! It's just perfect that you included it.

Happy Anniversary, you two! And the love story continues...

We love you. Dad and Mom

Mimi said...

what an absolutely beautiful couple you made on your wedding day!!
there was no denying the happiness spilling out all over the place...
what God has brought together let no man put asunder!!!
and now you are such a sweet family of three!!!

Beka said...

A joyful ending to a beautiful love story! Well, I guess it's not the end, but just the beginning!!

Happy Anniversary!

Barbara C. said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful story, and the best part is - it's true! God has certainly blessed you both. \
I was married in the same room that you 2 met in (& had your reception in.) It was called Phase I - I guess you were just a baby then. Pastor M. preached on "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother..." the verse printed on our invitation. I enjoyed your love story!! (It brightened up the 6th grade Social Studies class I'm in). Are you having a candlelight dinner? ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - so lovely - the pic in the car is so funny :-)
and all others are so romantic *siiighhh*!

I hope you are having a really, really special day!

Laura S. said...

that's so wonderful...
sigh...i hope that happens to me someday! =]

Neesie said...

Beautiful dear...just beautiful!
Happy Anniversary!
Love you guys soooo much. :-)


HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, may your years together only and always bring you more happiness and a greater love for each other with each passing day. connie from Texas

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary Bev!I throughly enjoyed your wedding photos!
You share a special day with my 3rd child--her 5th birthday is today!
blessings to you both!

Sara said...

Happy anniversary Bev!!! I love how you did this post- that picture of Edie almost causing a "fender-bender" is so funny! The expression on your face is priceless. :) Beautiful music to go along with your post!


Wade said...


You don't know me - I found your blog through Helen.

But I had to leave a comment and say (1) Happy Anniversary and (2) I loved that music so much that I hopped over to iTunes and bought it!

Thanks for sharing!


Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed reading about your courtship and wedding. God bless you and your sweet family of three.

Joel and Jaime said...

Happy Anniversary! It looks like your wedding was beautiful.

Baptist Girl said...

You have been truly blessed! What a beautiful couple and adorable little girl.


Bethany said...

Such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it. The pictures are beautiful as well!

Elise said...

A beautiful piece for the culmination - such a lovely story, Bev. Thank you for sharing it!

It makes me want to delve into our wedding day in my memory and extract each moment. It's such a blur - all I know is I didn't care about how anything went - I just wanted to marry my beloved! :)

Jodi said...

I missed the day, but I still wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary! May the Lord greatly bless your marriage.

sparrow's song said...

What a joy!!

Love the fender bender photo big time.

ladyakofa said...

Just to say, "What a wonderful testimony of love!"

Best wishes to you, Mr. S and the lil' ones. Enjoyed reading your posts! :)

Lady Akofa.