Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Short (Very Short) Blogging Break!

Hello all!

In the last week or so, I've found myself being too busy to do things like answer phone calls and return emails that people have sent. When this happens, I must conclude that it is time for a short blogging vacation. By short, I mean short -- like a week or so. I just need to catch up! I have so many things I want to blog about, but alas! they will have to wait.

We are doing well. Mr. S is loving his new job, my daddy is having a birthday (today in fact!), and Selena is starting to stand on her own.

I love this summer because I get to dress my unsuspecting daughter in outfits like this:

Mr.S and I were waiting for the landscapers to weed all the flowers in our front lawn. Surely the 150 dollar association fee covered this :-) But we found after weeds multiplied, that it must be our responsibility. So we gardened together. It was nice.

Also, every Friday in the summer is a half day for my hubby. The firm closes down at 11:30. What fun for us!
So, my friends, Lord willing -- I will be back sometime next week. I need to tackle some ironing, plan my VBS lessons for three weeks from now, answer some emails, and work on some things for my Daddy's party on Saturday. I will be loving on my daughter and husband, and thinking of all of you! I'll still be reading, even if I'm not writing.

For my young lady sister-friends, I will be still posting on The Girl Inside Blog. We'll be talking about loneliness this week.


Maxine said...

Okay--see you around!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time - loved the photos. You will be missed :-)

Andrea said...

have a great time!
Summer can be very busy!
Your little precious girl is getting so big!!

Stacy said...

What a cutie! Love the floppy hat! :)
And have a wonderful break! You'll be missed.

Beka said...

We'll miss you around here but hope this gives you some much-needed time to catch up!
Talk to you soon! We just got home about 20 minutes ago (and of course, I'm on the computer already!!)

Joel and Jaime said...

The pictures are adorable! And have a nice blogging break--we'll look forward to your return :)

Elise said...

No fair - your mama can say "See you around!" and it's really true! :)

I hope you enjoy your little break - I take a quiet one every few weeks or so, from Wednesday to Sunday. So nice.


Baptist Girl said...

I hope you get some rest as you get caught up. Look forward to reading your blog on your return.


Bloggin' with a basket o' clothes at my side said...

I love your blog! Just found it today by clicking "Next Blog"

And I can certainly relate to having to take such breaks!

Keep in touch --