Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Growing Up!

Lately, my little girl has been growing up!!

Anyone who knows my little Selena, would call her a "mommy's girl." However, lately, the little miss has ventured out on her own a little bit more!

Last week, after Daddy had finished his final exam and final project, our little family felt such a burden lifted from our shoulders. We plunged into just enjoying each other last week!

One night last week, a tired and sick Mommy had dishes to clean up and lunch to make for Daddy. Daddy and Selena went for a walk in the neighborhood. Little Lena was proudly perched in his arms when they left, and a half hour later, when they returned -- was flushed with pride! She had played with the neighborhood girl and dogs, had gone to the playground, and had met others who stopped even in their cars to talk to her.

Lately, at church, I have been able to walk around and fellowship without my little sidekick. Daddy doesn't have her either! And yes, I do miss her, but I am so happy for her! Sometimes she is with Nanna, but usually her Auntie Nee has her, or maybe even Miss Sara! She was actually bouncing in my arms with pleasure when she saw Auntie Beka and Uncle Mark walking into church.

Saturday, she and Daddy went on their first date ... hopefully the first of many. They were shopping for Mother's Day, and they were gone a LONG time. I stood in my house, so happy for her and so proud that she is growing up ... but also missing her and wanting to see her gap toothed smile come through the door. I did get to talk to her on the phone while they were out, and while they were gone I ironed, baked a cake, got clothes ready for Sunday morning and packed and organized the diaper bag. I even had a cup o' tea and read some blogs. I can't remember the last time I have gotten so much accomplished in one sitting. She is currently pulling herself up on every piece of furniture in sight, and is cutting three teeth at once, so free time is a precious commodity.

When Lena and Daddy came home, her face was shining with happiness and so was her Daddy's. I hugged both of my loves. Inexpressible joy!


Beka said...

Sniff sniff... she IS growing up! I can't believe just how quickly it is happening, too!
I can definitely see why you missed her toothy little smile when she was out with Daddy-- but what a milestone that was for her!
And the pictures are just too cute-- especially the one with the Eagles jerseys...
Can't wait to see you on Saturday! Give the "big little" girl a kiss from Auntie Beka.


That was wonderful. she will grow even more in the days to come but thank the Lord they only come one at a time. The time will come soon enough when someone comes into her life and then you will have two to love. connie from Texas

Elise said...

How sweet, Bev! It's funny - whenever I have some time to myself, I stand by the window, too! And usually, it takes me quite a while to figure out how to get anything done - without my little distractions!
What a fun "date with Daddy" - such a good idea!

Maxine said...

Now everything is happening so very fast! I can't take it! But it's so exciting to see the little personality developing and seeing the little "character" that she is! By the grace of God, I hope there are many more growing days ahead. I'm expecting to hear her do a recitation soon at the rate she's "talking." Many more bittersweet moments for Mommy ahead.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful outpouring of your heart. It's funny, when I went away on my Solitude trip, I missed my family so much it ached. :) It sounds like your mother's day was blessed. :)

Joel and Jaime said...

What a big girl you have there! I understand what you mean...I loved holding my children and rocking them when they were tiny babies, but the joys of seeing them grow up are also precious....What's a mama to do? :)

Anonymous said...

Boy she's soooo cute, especially the pic where she looks so very small compared to Dad.

Beba said...

She is sooooo cute! I see your girl, watching my girl, they grow up too fast isn't it?
God bless your beautiful family

Renee said...

I am with you! It seems like we have just blinked our eyes and our little Aspencake is all the sudden soooo BIG!

Precious blessings!

Sara said...

Awwww!!!! I'm so happy that Selena is letting me hold her now. :)

Baptist Girl said...

What a beautiful little lady!! and a proud Papa!!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Don't they grow up so fast! Soon, Little Lena will be driving ;)

They are so precious when they are babies aren't they and when they start to become a little more independant, you just want time to slow down so you can savor those moments even more.

Thanks for sharing your "inexpressible joy"! I was touched.

In Pursuit of His Call