Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time With Daddy ...

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Last night, after dinner had been eaten by all, Daddy and Selena went outside. This was the perfect time for me to start loading the dishwasher, but I paused for a moment to watch them through the screen door.
When I couldn't see them anymore, I went to the landing of our stairs and looked out. There they were, on the outskirts of the golf course that we live on. Little Lena Boop was so excited. She was literally jumping in her Daddy's arms. She was taking everything in. The trees. The grass. The wind on her face. She was leaning toward the grass, arms outstretched. Dishtowel in hand, I was riveted, looking at God's creation through her eyes. The two of them sat down on a bench and just breathed in the fresh air.
I went outside myself, and snapped the above picture. Time with Daddy.
I thought of the times I have had with my Daddy. Then I thought of my Father in heaven. There have been times just like my baby girl experienced yesterday. Excitement. Taking His word in. Letting His grace fill my soul with peace. Breathing in His rich promises.
In the rush, the busyness of life, the bills, the upkeep of the house, the frustrations and the weariness, I must remember to take it all in. Spend time with my Father in Heaven. Let Him refresh me. What overwhelming love He has for us.
Lord, we have not known thee as we ought. (taken from the hymn by Thomas Pollack)


Maxine said...

So, so sweet. I'm glad Selena had this time with her daddy and I hope that you have many more times with your Father in Heaven. The picture you posted is so precious.

Sara said...

Yes! I love the picture Bev! Beautiful post as well.

Joel and Jaime said...

Precious!I love seeing my kids spend time with their Daddy too. There is a special bond that happens!

Beka said...

This was beautiful, Mama S!!
I really appreciated your analogy to spending time with our Heavenly Father.
And the picture is so precious!

Andrea said...

How sweet. I love the picture I have of your daughter in excitement over His creation. I can just see her jumping in her Daddy's arms....precious.