Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few minutes to post...

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Mr. S is holding Selena, our little Miss S, so I have a few spare moments to post. This won't be long. It is so overwhelming to have this little one entrusted to us. We love her so much. We loved her while she was in the womb, but it has multiplied so much since she was born. We're tired .. ok exhausted, but we wouldn't trade any of this for anything.

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Sometimes I just gaze at her little face and I can't believe she is ours. She loves to snuggle with us. She is very good during the day, but in the evening hours she gets grumpy! She is a really good baby for the most part, and lets mommy take a shower and even eat breakfast in the morning.

We talked to her so much in the womb, that she really responds to our voices. In fact, a minute after she was born when they laid her on my chest, I spoke to her and she calmed down right away.

She had her first doctor appointment yesterday, and she has already surpassed her birth weight by 5 ounces!! Whoopee!!

On Sunday she and I were home while Mr. S went to church and I sang hymns to her while we rocked in her glider. She loved it.

Life has changed so drastically in the past week. I'm glad Mr. S and I spent a lot of time together before she was born because it is hard not being able to spend quality time together without really planning it!

Okay, I'd better go. This post lasted much longer then I had anticipated ... excuse the choppy manner in which it is written!!


Maxine said...

Keep up the good work--you guys doing fine. I'm sure she loved the hymns on Sunday--I may have more to say about that if I get enough time myself. She is indeed a special treasure, loved by us all.

Kristen said...

She is SO beautiful! It's exciting to read about bringing home a little one. I can't wait.

It's sweet how she responds quickly to your voices. :)

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! Congratulations to both you and Mr. S. What a blessing that Selena and you are both happy and healthy.

Sara said...

I can't wait to see Selena- what a sweet baby she must be!

Phoebe said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! And I still picture you as a gangling pre-teen ... hard to believe! I love the photo of the 3 of you!