Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sweet Retreat

Do you have sweet retreat in your house or yard? I haven't really found a permanent one in my own home, but I am looking forward to one day finding my own little nook! Right now we live in a two family home. We have a lot of space, but no little areas for either Mr.S or myself to retire to. I kind of like it though, because after Mr. S comes home from work, we spend most of our free time together.

A sweet retreat in my mind is a place where I could gather my thoughts, sip a warm brew of coffee or tea, spend time with the Lord, write, journal, or even just plan my day. It could be a cushioned window seat (one of the things on my house wish list), a porch swing, or the corner of a home office or library.

In the winter, I like to sit in my dining room which has a lot of windows and french doors that open into the living room. I absolutely love candles so one is usually burning on the table or nearby in the other room. With my coffee in one hand and my Bible or another book in the other, I just lean back and take 20 minutes to just "be." So I guess that would be my winter retreat.

Lately, and unfortunately, my sweet retreat has been the living room sofa. No, not with a pair of scissors dilligently cutting out coupons, or cookbooks and my smith menu template in front of me. You may find me blissfully in the land of Nod supported by about 50 (slight exaggeration) pillows around me.

I'll be looking for a sweet retreat in my home ... and maybe you will realize that you have one too!!


Maxine said...

What a nice thought! Someday, the Lord may give you that place of sweet retreat. (I finally have one.) But for now, I know you're thankful for that living room sofa and those times you can go to the land of Nod. That's what is needed most these days. When you-know-who comes, those times of going there will REALLY be precious!

Rebecca said...

My favorite sweet retreat is in our bed first thing in the morning. I sit there with my coffee, my laptop, and best of all my little baby waking up and relaxing untill I can't put off getting out of bed any longer. It's the life!

Mrs. S said...

I look forward to that, Rebecca!

Samantha said...

Mrs. S,
First, let me say that I really like your blog!

Right now our living room is about the only room in our house that doesn't need alot of work, so my sofa has been my sweet retreat as well. Just think, someday you'll have a special place that you will be able to appreciate all the better!
Take care, and God bless you!

Sara said...

The sofa in my living room is usually my "retreat"- I love to just sit there reading! I also like to spend time in my room, because that's where I usually have my quiet times with the Lord.:)